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You may find any types of Scuba Sets, fish-hunting gears with spear, swin fins, snorkel gears, diving masks or spears and all of these items’ spare parts and additional equipments along with other types of under-ground items under the brand name of Free-Sub.

Free-Sub is a Turkish brand that manufactures its diving suits and spears in Turkey. Thanks to its high and reliable quality levels and reasonable marketing prices, Free-Sub spears and diving suits are prefered and chosen in many countries throughout the world.

Free-Sub produces various types of Fishing Spears with wide range of models and using puproses for all individuals from amateurs to professionals. We provide GOLDEN HORN models for intermediate or professional users, as these spears’ middle parts are self grooved and therefore these spears allot its users to perform perfect shots.

Our manufacturing area is within our plant and that gives us to control the high quality and variety of our products. Scuba suits, fish hunting gear with spears, surf suits, shorty suits, kids diving suits, speacial dibing suits especially designed for ındustrial divers, rafting suits are in our production range.

We can design our products according to your specific needs and mark them with your desired logos or brand names.

For any further information, you may reach us through the contact numbers or e mail addresses given in the contact page.